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Observations on Faith, Life, and Business

Writing from Knoxville, Tennessee on faith, life, and business by a finance guy with a flare for entrepreneurship. Husband, dad, and former venture capital associate turned banker.  Believer in the Way, Truth, and Life. 

Seeming to Do is Not Doing

I've been guilty of seeming to do.  I hate admitting it, but it's true. At the time, I would have denied it and resented someone for even suggesting it. How could that be possible?  I was busy, I was stressed, and I was anxious. Aren't those symptoms of doing?  I had a career, relationship, family, church, community events... It's just crazy to think I was only seeming to do. 

But, it was truth--I wasn't doing.

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Why Write?

Why write?  An apropos question in a time when communication is often limited to 140 characters or less.  Writing is not effortless for me.  This is compounded by my mildly obsessive nature and a writing style that often involves reading from the beginning after completing a new sentence.  Why even bother with the frustration and challenge of assembling letters in an organized and hopefully meaningful way, not to mention the potential for criticism from, well, the world?  

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